The Difference Between Hotel and Motel

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Generally hotels are considered to be nicer and to offer more amenities than motels, but over the years this difference has changed some, or at least the gap between lesser hotels and nicer motels has certainly narrowed. Originally hotels were lodgings for travelers that offered more amenities to make short term stays more luxurious or at least enjoyable.

Motels, on the other hand, called motels as they were originally motorist hotels, were designed to be more practical. Motels were first made to be simple one night lodgings for travelers, built along highways for motorists to have a place to stop for the night, maybe grab a shower and some sleep and then hit the road again. Motels were small structures, no more than 2 floors, usually one, with room doors that faced the parking lot for quick and easy access. Hotels can be large skyscrapers that rise many stories into the sky.

Hotel Amenities

• Restaurants and lounges, clubs or bars
• Room service
• Pools, hot tubs, and gyms
• Shops
• Concierges
• Spas
• Work stations and conference rooms
• Dry cleaning facilities
• Arcades
• Luxurious in room facilities lie on demand movies, hot tubs, video game systems and full kitchens

Common Motel Features and Amenities

• While originally motels featured a bed and a bath and maybe a television, many modern motels have kitchenettes, microwaves, coffee makers and other small comforts
• Continental breakfasts, though motels rarely have restaurants, they commonly feature Danish and coffee and cereal breakfasts for guests
• Pools, which also are a modern feature
• Work areas or stations in rooms
• Laundry rooms

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