The Difference Between Netflix and Hulu

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The most noticeable difference between Hulu and Netflix is that they are two different companies. Both companies stream video content, films, television shows and documentaries, over various types of devices for a fee. The fees are similar, though Netflix offers higher platforms for multiple devices, HD devices and a DVD delivery service that costs more. Hulu does not offer a DVD rental service, but Netflix started as a DVD rental delivery service and evolved into a streaming service. Netflix offers a lot more content than Hulu does, but Hulu gets its content to the market quicker. Here are other notable differences between Netflix and Hulu.


Here there is a clear difference between Hulu and Netflix, as Hulu content includes annoying ads, even though you pay for the content that you are streaming. The advertisements in Hulu content cannot be eliminated or skipped, so you are stuck watching paid advertisements even though you pay to watch your chosen show or film. Netflix has ads they use like trailers when you go to the movies, they play before your content starts, but NO content on Netflix is interrupted by an advertisement as of yet.


Netflix wins library size hands down they change up their library monthly but they offer thousands more TV show episodes and films than Hulu does. The problem is that much of the content is old and dated, especially television shows, which in many cases are off the air, or at the very least are a season or more older. Hulu content is often very recent. Hulu offers current television series with episodes that you can view as soon as the day after they initially air. Hulu also offers a lot of quirky, Independent and artsy films, and more recent films than Netflix.

Original Content

It is here that Netflix has a clear advantage. Netflix has hit original shows like House of Cards and Orange is the New Black and exclusive motion picture deals with stars like Adam Sandler. Netflix has essentially become a Hollywood studio and a cable television network, and is developing extremely popular, award winning content that you can get nowhere else. Hulu has some original content but it is cheaply produced, is minimal, and pales in comparison to Netflix.

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